Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Five Good Reasons Why You Should go for Custom Wardrobes

Perhaps you have been in circumstances that made you believe that maybe you really should go for ready made wardrobes for your home than custom wardrobes given the time and effort needed for customising wardrobes? A lot of people have responded "yes" and gone for readymade wardrobes. Relatively few people actually take time to think it through properly. Most think that it's really a lot more difficult to customise wardrobes than it truly is. Others think that it might require a great deal of work, which makes them lose interest.

Hang on one minute, now! Are those really reasons not to custom made fitted wardrobes? What positive reasons were taken into account? Did both the Pros and the Cons taken into consideration? The good things do not seem to have been entirely thought through...That should be reconsidered. Let's just have a look at 5 various reasons that favour customising wardrobes.

To start with, something customized specific to the space and your needs, bespoke fitted wardrobes are the ideal choice. I hear what you're saying as you point out that it requires a lot of time and efforts. I gladly agree that's a valid point. However, we must also look at this, having a closet designed specifically for you, means getting exactly what is going to serve you best. To top it all off, one must consider that it is also a smart way to store and organize clothing items.

Second, customised wardrobes offer tremendous benefits. That is because you would have the opportunity to choose from a variety of wood species such as mahogany, cherry, teak and other materials.

Third, customised wardrobes offer infinite number of possibilities. You have hundreds of hardware choices, as well as a large selection of finishes to choose from. Plus you can design it the way you want, may be a mirror wardrobe door!

Fourth, the designer could incorporate rotating, fixed, or adjustable shelves for your wardrobes. If you needed additional shoe storage, the unit could be built with a shoe rack or if you needed a sock drawer, one or more could be added.

5th, manufacturers can offer ideas for fittings for your wardrobes regardless of space constraint.

I suggest you review those reasons and mentally weigh them. Just roll these points around in your thoughts for a little bit. Do you not think that that maybe, just maybe, you really ought to go in for customised fitted bedroom wardrobes?


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